The Aerillon Absolut is the quintessence of the Aerillon brand, embodying their ethos of innovative craftsmanship. Crafted with precision, it features 474 carefully chosen, brilliant-cut diamonds set in a radiant 18K white gold base. This piece not only showcases Aerillon's mastery in jewelry design but also represents the brand's commitment to combining traditional techniques with modern innovation to create something truly extraordinary. For more details, visit Aerillon's website.


The design phase intertwines inspiration and detailed planning, where our designers transform imaginative concepts into tangible forms through initial sketches. Employing both traditional and modern techniques, preliminary models are created and iteratively refined, navigating between digital and physical mediums. This process harmoniously melds artistic expression with functional design, ensuring each piece emanates aesthetic charm while maintaining structural and wearable integrity, embodying a blend of elegance and precise engineering.


The production of our jewelry is a symphony of precise craftsmanship and technical expertise. Our skilled artisans bring the meticulously crafted designs to life, using a combination of traditional handcrafting techniques and modern technology. Each piece is forged, shaped, and polished with utmost precision, ensuring every detail adheres to the envisioned design. Gemstones are expertly set, metals are finely worked, and every element is scrutinized to ensure it meets our stringent quality standards. In this stage, artistry and technology unite to transform thoughtfully designed concepts into tangible pieces of exquisite jewelry, each reflecting a seamless fusion of form and function.